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  We provide a professional specimen collection service to suit individual company needs, either onsite in the workplace or through our network of Collection Centres:

Specimen Collection On-site
We have a large team of professional collection supervisors with both phlebotomy and drugs of abuse collection experience who are available to travel to your work site and perform collections as required.

All of our collection staff are fully trained and equipped with AS 3547 certified breathalysers.

Our service includes the provision of all consumables, screening devices and adulteration detection devices if required.

Specimen Collection – Approved Collection Centre
Employees unable to attend the onsite collection can present to an approved Western Diagnostic Pathology collection centre for phlebotomy or secure supervised specimen collection.

24 Hotline and On-Call Services
All of our clients have access to our 24-hour technical support hotline, which provides information on specific drugs, collection/analysis procedures, interpretation of results or any other aspect of workplace testing.

This 24-hour hotline also enables optional access to a collection team member at all times in case of urgent collections being required (i.e. in the case of an accident/incident).

Our team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your pathology testing requirements offering a flexible and comprehensive program of implementation to meet your industry needs.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your testing needs.

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